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Executive Director and Administrative Pillars

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    Merlene Byler

    Executive Director
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    Michael Martens

    Head of School
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    Suzi Cano

    Events Director
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    Amy Catlett

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    Catherine Fey

    Director of Internal Operations
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    Jennifer McCutcheon

    K-12 Director
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    Terri Tomlinson

    Dean of Academics
  • Profile Photo

    Tammy Shuck

    EEC Director
  • Profile Photo

    Monica Villarreal

    HR Director
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Administrative Staff

  Name Title Group Contact
Todd Bone Bone, Todd Information Technology ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF
Travis Cole Cole, Travis Sound/Media Director ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF
Susan Crawford Crawford, Susan Administrative Assistant ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF 979-865-5966
Heather Duron Duron, Heather Purch., Sub., Recept. Coordinator ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF
Tami Klecka Klecka, Tami Registrar ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF
Stacy Minor Minor, Stacy Attendance Clerk ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF
Amanda Soori Soori, Amanda Front Desk Receptionist ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF 979-865-1811
Shari Taake Taake, Shari Financial Director ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF 979-865-1811

Department Heads

  Name Title Group
Ginger Barrett Barrett, Ginger Kitchen Manager DEPARTMENT HEADS
Trey Carter Carter, Trey Athletic Director, Coach DEPARTMENT HEADS
Travis Cole Cole, Travis Sound/Media Director DEPARTMENT HEADS
Michele Mazoch Mazoch, Michele EEC FALCON Director DEPARTMENT HEADS
Lori McDaniel McDaniel, Lori Fundraising Liason (NOK) DEPARTMENT HEADS
Patrick McGonagill McGonagill, Patrick High School Teacher, Assistant Dean of Students DEPARTMENT HEADS
Bruce Mueller Mueller, Bruce Head of Safety and Transportation DEPARTMENT HEADS
James Sewell Sewell, James Maintenance/Custodial DEPARTMENT HEADS
Claire Westbrook Westbrook, Claire Student Liaison DEPARTMENT HEADS
Stacy Woodley Woodley, Stacy Junior High Lead Teacher DEPARTMENT HEADS
Yvonne Woods Woods, Yvonne Communications Director DEPARTMENT HEADS

All Staff Directory

  Name Title Group
Averie Allwein Allwein, Averie FALCON Trainer ALL STAFF
TiaMarie Arnold Arnold, TiaMarie Music Teacher ALL STAFF
Shelby Box Box, Shelby FALCON Trainer ALL STAFF
Elizabeth Brannen Brannen, Elizabeth EEC Stay and Play ALL STAFF
Henry Brown Brown, Henry FALCON ALL STAFF
Christi Callihan Callihan, Christi Elementary Aide ALL STAFF
Carol Carlin Carlin, Carol EEC Teacher ALL STAFF
Vivica Castro Castro, Vivica FALCON Receptionist ALL STAFF
Anna Ceballos Ceballos, Anna EEC Teacher ALL STAFF
Lioni Chan Chan, Lioni EEC Teacher ALL STAFF
Laura Chudej Chudej, Laura EEC Teacher ALL STAFF
Kailyn Cole Cole, Kailyn Elementary Teacher ALL STAFF
James Crawford Crawford, James Junior High Teacher ALL STAFF
Damien Garza Garza, Damien FALCON Trainer ALL STAFF
Krista Goebel Goebel, Krista Receptionist ALL STAFF
Monica Gonzales Gonzales, Monica Junior High Receptionist ALL STAFF
Brittany Guardia Guardia, Brittany Elementary Teacher, High School Dual Credit ALL STAFF
Marisa Guerrero Campos Guerrero Campos, Marisa EEC Teacher ALL STAFF
Cristal Gutierrez Gutierrez, Cristal EEC Aide ALL STAFF
Kathleen Hartt Hartt, Kathleen Elementary Teacher ALL STAFF
Samantha Harwell Harwell, Samantha EEC Aide ALL STAFF
Gregory Hein Hein, Gregory Junior High Teacher ALL STAFF
Avery Henning Henning, Avery EEC Teacher ALL STAFF
Mathew Herreth Herreth, Mathew PE Aide ALL STAFF
Ann Howarth Howarth, Ann PE Teacher, Coach ALL STAFF
Rachel Hurtig Hurtig, Rachel EEC Teacher ALL STAFF
Susie Kelley Kelley, Susie Junior High Teacher ALL STAFF
Monte Kimpel Kimpel, Monte FALCON Research & Trainer ALL STAFF
Lisa Lloyd Lloyd, Lisa School Nurse ALL STAFF
Kimberly Moorehead Moorehead, Kimberly Teacher Trainer ALL STAFF
Consuelo Munoz Munoz, Consuelo EEC Aide ALL STAFF
Cathy Nettles Nettles, Cathy EEC Receptionist ALL STAFF
Mariela Oray Oray, Mariela EEC FALCON Trainer ALL STAFF
Janis Pless Pless, Janis High School Teacher ALL STAFF
Angela Pyka Pyka, Angela EEC Teacher ALL STAFF
Kaitlyn Rhodes Rhodes, Kaitlyn Elementary Teacher ALL STAFF
Robin Rokohl Rokohl, Robin EEC Teacher ALL STAFF
Velinda Sanchez Sanchez, Velinda High School Teacher ALL STAFF
Pamella Schuknecht Schuknecht, Pamella Teacher ALL STAFF
Katherine Simonson Simonson, Katherine FALCON Trainer ALL STAFF
Elisa Smith Smith, Elisa ALL STAFF
Brianna Solly Solly, Brianna FALCON Trainer ALL STAFF
Amanda Soori Soori, Amanda Front Desk Receptionist ALL STAFF
Michael Thompson Thompson, Michael Elementary Teacher ALL STAFF
Chuck Tomlinson Tomlinson, Chuck Elementary Teacher, PE Teacher ALL STAFF
Jesse Trost Trost, Jesse FALCON Trainer ALL STAFF
Araceli Velazquez Velazquez, Araceli FALCON Trainer ALL STAFF
Jon Waldrop Waldrop, Jon Coach and Teacher ALL STAFF
Christopher Weatherford Weatherford, Christopher Falcon trainer at faith academy ALL STAFF
Gabrielle Weido Weido, Gabrielle Teacher ALL STAFF
Kenneth Woodley Woodley, Kenneth Coach ALL STAFF
Stacy Woodley Woodley, Stacy Junior High Lead Teacher ALL STAFF
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