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The Faith Academy of Bellville Board of Directors acts as trustees of the school’s assets, ensures the school is well-managed and remains fiscally sound.

2024 - 2025 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 4:00 PM at the Faith Academy campus.

President - Renee Poulter

Renee, husband Mike and their three children moved to Bellville from Florida in the summer of 2017. As a Christian working in healthcare, she wanted a town that had a hospital and a private school, and Bellville checked those boxes and so many more. Having her children at Faith Academy has been something she is passionate about and knowing her children will grow up learning about God everyday. 
     Renee is an RN and is a flight nurse for PHI Air Medical in Houston. She is confident that God has put her on this earth to be a healer and to provide compassionate care to those in need and she is honored to serve His intended purpose for her life. 
    Renee has served on the Board of Directors of Faith Academy Bellville for 5 years. Her hope is that each and every person who enters the building can feel the palpable love of God as she does. She feels overjoyed to say that she is involved in a school that puts Jesus Christ at the center and is willing to do what is right even when it's hard. The FALCON center has been one of those challenges to be admired and is proud to see it is becoming the flagship of FAB for the betterment of not only all FAB students but the community as well. 
    She is always available and usually around campus and would relish in the opportunity to get to know all of her Faith Academy family members!

Vice-President - Bonnie CernY

 Bonnie was born and raised on her family’s ranch in Yancey, Texas.  Following graduation from Texas A&M University with a degree in Finance, she and her husband Cody settled near Pattison, Texas.  With their two children, son Case and daughter Catie, the family works together to operate a cow/calf operation including Waller, Austin, Wharton, and Jefferson Counties.

    Bonnie and Cody are co-owners of Cattlemen’s Columbus Livestock Auction in Columbus, Texas. With her 20 years of sales experience, Bonnie is a vital part of the operation’s weekly sale and special sales to create a great cattle market for buyers and producers.  Both Case and Katie compete in youth rodeos all over the state of Texas.

    Bonnie has been a Faith Academy Bellville parent for over 10 years. Currently serving as the vice-president, Bonnie has been on the FAB Board of Directors for 7 years. She sings the praises of the FALCON Center’s reading specialists, who she credits with greatly enhancing Catie’s reading ability and a love for reading. Her background and people skills have made Bonnie a tremendous asset of being a valued liaison between Faith Academy parents and the Directors. 



Secretary - Cliff Wilson

Cliff is a husband of one wife, grandfather of two, and father of three; one of whom is a sophomore at Faith Academy. He is from Lake Jackson, Texas, and graduated from Texas A&M University in 1989 where he received his commission in the United States Air Force. Cliff flew the C-141 “Starlifter” for four years at Travis AFB, CA, and then instructed in Undergraduate Pilot Training on the T-37 “Tweet” and the T-6 “Texan II” in Del Rio, TX for ten years. He has been a pilot at Southwest Airlines for 24 years where he is a Captain.

    Cliff and Christi live in Brenham where Cliff teaches junior high Sunday school and youth group at Brenham Bible Church. He was an elder at his church for ten years and taught a Worldviews class at Brenham Christian Academy for nine years. He is grateful to God for Faith Academy Bellville and blessed to serve on the Board.

    Because of his studies and research background in Biblical Worldviews, Cliff has been instrumental in encouraging the teaching of this subject at FAB and feels it is an essential part of Christian education today. Gage, Cliff’s son, is active in all varsity sports at Faith Academy Bellville where Cliff is a devoted cheering spectator.


Treasurer - Dougal Cameron

Dougal Cameron is a technology entrepreneur and software venture investor. He is a co-founder and the managing director of Golden Section, a venture capital firm, engineering organization and early-stage venture partner serving business software companies. Under Mr. Cameron’s management, Golden Section has grown to a team of more than eighty professionals, invested in numerous technology ventures, and served more than four hundred software companies with expertise and services since 2011.

    Dougal and his wife Carrie have four children who are all students at Faith Academy. The children - Helen, Fingal, Douga, and Elizabeth - range in age from preschool to third grade. This age range of children has enabled Dougal to be an avid elementary supporter in his 2 years on the FAB Board of Directors. All four of the Cameron children participate in FALCON sessions each week.

    The Camerons live in Chappell Hill, Texas, where they attend Brenham Bible Church.  Dougal has served as chairman of the board for a Christian college ministry movement, Campus Outreach Houston. He has a degree in history and math from Rhodes College and a M.B.A. from Rice University.


Member At Large - David Kuespert

David Kuespert serves as a member at large on the board. A registered nurse for over 29 years, he specializes in the challenging and critical environment of peri-operative care. Alongside his wife, Kacy, also a full-time acute care RN, they have built a supportive and inspiring family.

     Proud parents to three Faith Academy daughters, they celebrate the achievements of two who've graduated and are actively pursuing higher education, while their youngest thrives as a junior at Faith Academy. Beyond his nursing career, David is deeply committed to the school's future. He is passionate about ensuring the school's safety and long-term financial stability, believing a strong financial foundation is crucial for providing a quality education for all students.

    He is also a strong advocate for affordability, striving to make the school accessible to all families without hidden fees or undue financial burdens. This dedication stems from his own family's values and his belief that education should be an opportunity available to everyone, regardless of background.