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About Us - Faith Academy Learning Connection Of Neurodevelopment 

The idea for the Faith Academy FALCON concept was founded in 1994 to help struggling students improve academically in and out of the classroom and to further challenge those students who excelled. The FALCON program has evolved over the years and members can utilize available resources. The FALCON Center consistently attempts to provide the best, most updated, research-based and state-of-the-art modalities to help its members reach their greatest learning potential.

The FALCON program trains its members to grow and challenge their minds and bodies. The center uses the latest techniques of neurodevelopment. FALCON staff members are here to faithfully serve school and community members during the school year. The FALCON Center follows the Faith Academy Bellville school calendar for school holidays. We offer after-school sessions, and we are open during the summer. 

Faith Academy Bellville FALCON Vision

To help students, adults and community members strive to become successful learners and reach their fullest, God-given potential while having fun training their brains and bodies to work together using the best, research-based, proven techniques available. 

Faith Academy Bellville FALCON Mission

The FALCON Center is a place of learning with activities, drills, games, movements and exercises that are done with specific frequency, intensity and duration to stimulate the brain. We hope to use our multitude of resources to provide support to every student, any adult and every community member to be the people God intended them to be physically, mentally and spiritually.