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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about the FALCON Center and the services offered. Click on each question to view the answer.  If you have additional questions not listed here, please reach out to our FALCON team via the Contact Us form or by calling 979-865-1811.

FALCON stands for Faith Academy Learning Connection Of Neurodevelopment. FALCON is a neurodevelopment center that strives to provide the best, most updated, research-based, and state-of-the-art modalities to help its members reach their greatest learning potential. FALCON is here to support the Faith Academy of Bellville Knights and the surrounding communities by optimizing individuals' brains and God-given talents.

While FALCON is not the mascot for Faith Academy of Bellville, there is historical symbolism and linkage between knights and falcons.  Falcons were highly regarded by knights during medieval times and, at points in history, falcons were considered more valuable than gold.

FALCON is for everyone - services are available to students, parents and members of the community as anyone can benefit from improving their body and brain. For adults or members of the community, you do not need to have a student enrolled at Faith Academy of Bellville to receive FALCON services. 

At the FALCON Center we ensure all staff are properly trained and have the required certifications for the modalities they are servicing. Many of our staff are certified in every modality, including but not limited to Interactive Metronome, Rhythmic Movements, and QRI Cold Laser. We have two certified Irlen screeners on staff. We also currently have a certified brain health professional on staff. 

Neurodevelopment is a term referring to the brain's development of neurological pathways that influence performance or function. Neurodevelopment helps organize the Central Nervous System and builds important neural pathways in the brain. Through exercise, rhythmic movements, development of fine motor skills, and visual and auditory processing programs, the neurodevelopmental foundation is firmly built and helps promote a healthy and successful life. Due to the fast-paced society we live in, our ever-changing environment, and the diet choices available, the neurodevelopment of our children can be compromised. In life, situations can arise that can cause us concerns. But there is always an opportunity for God to intervene.

Reflexes are automatic movements that assist in development, growth, and survival. Primitive reflexes are God-given reflexes that emerge in utero and develop through infancy; they are designed to grow the brain. Repetitive automatic reflex movements are essential for the development of balance, mobility, vision, hearing, speaking, learning, and so much more. Reflex movements are the first foundations of the nervous system. They originate in the brain stem, or our survival brain. If they remain active, students remain in survival mode, limiting access to the prefrontal cortex where we think, create, communicate and make decisions. We are more likely to react to our surroundings instead of controlling our impulses. 

Lack of movement in early childhood, stress from the mother during pregnancy, birth trauma, C-section, illness, trauma or injury, and even environmental toxins. Integrated reflexes can also reactivate due to traumatic events, injury, or high stress.

FALCON services are not considered physical therapy or occupational therapy. 

We do use similar modalities, as many occupational and physical therapists also work on primitive reflexes as well as visual and auditory processing.

FALCON utilizes a comprehensive assessment based on a 4-point rating scale to check major developmental reflexes in students. These assessments also include a dominance check, brain stem function indicators, processing abilities, vision screenings, and an audiogram.

The ability to use our prefrontal cortex, our “thinking brain”, is reliant on our body feeling safe. When our “survival brain” is alerted to danger through our senses or fear-based experiences, the brain stem will take over and inhibit critical thought, learning, and social engagement. 

Imagine a child in a classroom who has sensory issues around background noise. Their body is constantly surveying whether the air condition fan noise or the faint sound of cars driving by is something dangerous. Their body is so focused on the auditory information that their cognitive brain cannot process what the teacher is saying. Or imagine the child who has tactile processing issues and the tag on their shirt bothers them. Instead of sitting still and paying attention during class, the child is unconsciously preoccupied with feeling safe from the perceived threat to his/her skin. 

At FALCON we use powerful modalities to help bring the child out of their fight-or-flight “survival brain” and back to a place of safety, where they can access their prefrontal cortex for learning and social engagement. 

FALCON is not considered “special education” as FALCON is for everyone. At FALCON we strive to help struggling students improve academically in and out of the classroom, as well as further challenge those students who excel in academics and athletics.

We do not label or diagnose here at FALCON. We partner with the Bellville Independent School District if a student needs further testing for learning disabilities such as dyslexia. 

FALCON services a wide range of students, including those with ADHD and ADD. Many of our modalities have been proven to help students calm their nervous system and improve focus.