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Faith Academy is a member of and is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) for Pre-K to 12th grade. We are committed to ensuring all aspects of our school meet or exceed the standards set by ACSI. 

What is ACSI?

ACSI is a Christian educational organization that advances excellence in Christian schools by enhancing the professional and personal development of Christian educators and providing vital support functions to Christian schools. 

Access the ACSI Facts Sheet or visit the ACSI Website to learn more.

What does ACSI provide?

Accreditation with ACSI engages schools in a vigorous, holistic process of organizational appraisal and improvement.
The program is a highly regarded Christian program for member schools. ACSI has partnerships with all the U.S. regional accreditation agencies and offers joint accreditation with numerous accrediting organizations. 

ACSI provides:

  • A rigorous certification process for teachers and administrators, including a requirement of 80% of a school’s teaching staff to be ACSI certified. 
  • A structure and review of our school’s self-study and continuous school improvement plan.  
  • Access to a range of resources for professional development for teachers, administrators and board members from a biblical worldview.
  • Access to ACSI's Department of Public Policy & Legal Affairs, which tracks issues and laws that affect Christian schools and provides consultation and resources, including a Legislative Update magazine published three times per year.


What does ACSI accreditation mean for Faith Academy?

Faith Academy is committed to ensuring all aspects of our school meet or exceed the standards set by ACSI. Every step in the accreditation process is designed to be useful for driving improvement in private schools, so they can truly flourish.  

  • Faith Academy's current teaching staff is 90% ACSI certified and the remaining 10% are in the process. 
  • Faith Academy's administrators are 100% ACSI certified or in the process. *All certifications include training in the Christian Philosophy of Education.
  • In the 2023 self-study review, Faith Academy had excellent review results
    • Exceeded compliance - 15.47% of indicators 
    • Compliant - 83.3% of indicators
    • Partially compliant - 1.1% of indicators - a detailed continuous improvement plan is in place to address these areas
  • Faith Academy currently accesses Christian Philosophy of Education training for all staff members. 
  • ACSI approves our staff training and the daily devotions for our staff to receive continuing education credits in Biblical studies.