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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the FALCON Center!

Thirty years ago, Faith Academy of Bellville (FAB) was founded with the premise that children are naturally curious and desire to learn. If a child is avoiding or dreading school, there may be an issue within the learning environment, so we sought to help children with various learning styles succeed in a Christian-based environment. 

A few years after opening FAB, I became aware of “The Learning Connection,” a program of vision exercises and movements that help students struggling with reading and other essential skills. I witnessed these exercises' impact on students during a visit to a Houston-area high school and returned to FAB excited to see if they could help our students, too. I joined a kindergarten class in PE and asked the six students to do some exercises, such as balancing on a beam and standing on one foot. Based on each student’s ability to perform the exercise, I identified the three students who were struggling with reading and the other three strong readers. This moment was a profound epiphany for me and the beginning of what is now the FALCON (Faith Academy Learning Connection of Neurodevelopment) Center. 

Using a variety of modalities, including juggling, interactive metronome games, and even ping pong, certified trainers at the FALCON Center create a fun and supportive environment. They help up to 100 students improve in reading, writing and comprehension each week, as well as athletic abilities like balance, concentration, aim and agility. In addition, all K-12 FAB students are assessed for academic skills, vision, hearing, and reflex development through the FALCON Center. Our youngest learners in our Early Education Center (EEC) also spend about 15 minutes daily benefiting from FALCON Center exercises and age-appropriate games.

The need for FALCON Center support continues to grow, and as always, we are responding to help as many students as possible. Once our new elementary building is complete, the FALCON Center will move to our existing one, providing the capacity to offer outdoor exercise areas and work with more students, including athletes. Our website is a great resource to learn more about the innovative and life-changing work we’re doing at the FALCON Center. 

Please contact me or any of our staff if you would like to know more.

Mrs. Merlene Byler
FALCON Center Director