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There are many ways of giving. Not only can you meet your needs, but you can also support Faith Academy of Bellville and the FALCON Center in a meaningful way.

Methods of Giving


Cash Gifts

Checks should be made payable to Faith Academy of Bellville. Ready to make a cash donation?  Use the button below to donate via PayPal.

Donate Now



Gifts of Retirement Plans, Mutual Funds and/or Stock

Retirement Plans: Naming Faith Academy of Bellville as a primary or contingent beneficiary of a retirement plan (e.g., IRA, 401(k)) can benefit both the school and your estate. Your retirement plan administrator can help you designate Faith Academy of Bellville as a beneficiary.

Mutual Fund Shares: Can be transferred to Faith Academy of Bellville, avoiding capital gains, and allowing for the full current value of the gift.

Stocks: By giving a gift of stock, the giver avoids capital gains taxes on the investment growth and is eligible for a tax deduction equal to the full current amount of the stock gift. (Actual value of a gift is equal to the mean of the high and low stock price on the day of the transaction).


Gifts of Real Estate

Donations of appreciated homes, and other real property, are entitled to an income tax deduction equal to the full value of the property and no tax on the capital gain. If debt-free property is donated, the gift is deductible at the property’s appraised value. It may even be possible to make your gift of property now, but still maintain the right to use the property. By making this gift now, rather than in your will, you can realize an immediate income tax deduction.


DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. You are advised to consult your own qualified professional advisor for specific recommendations.