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The Faith Academy Early Education Center (EEC) offers a loving environment where the faculty strives to meet the needs of the whole child. It is a place where children are nurtured and where character training and development are both modeled and taught. 


Faith Academy has caring teachers who will partner with families in the development of their children during these very important, formative years. We offer a colorful, age-appropriate curriculum that is both engaging and educational.

The EEC curriculum is presented sensitively to reach every child and every learning style. A variety of extracurricular activities are organized throughout the school year. We understand that movement and learning go hand in hand. Your child could go on a "bear hunt" and have a "camp out" before traveling for a “day at the beach.”

Why Choose Faith Academy EEC?

Behind every well-run educational organization, there needs to be a leader who is determined to make it flow seamlessly. Faith Academy EEC has a shining example of just that. Our director, Tammy Shuck, has countless years in early education, and she exudes the spirit of love to all who enter. Her compassion is contagious and sets the tone for staff and students each day.

If you would like to learn more about our EEC program, please contact our director, Tammy Shuck. Setting up a tour will only cost some of your time, and we are confident you will leave knowing your child will feel welcome and loved at Faith Academy of Bellville.

Our Classes and Age Groups - Nursery to Pre-Kindergarten

Expand the sections below to learn more about each of our classes and age groups, including the type of curriculum used in each class.

The nursery classes are where we cater to our youngest students at Faith Academy. These classes are offered to students who will be 12 months or 18 months old respectively, by September 1st of the school year in which they wish to enroll. These little ones are taught social skills while learning through play and developmentally appropriate activities.

In the Nursery Classes, we teach the Frog Street Press Curriculum. It is a curriculum based on Early Brain Development Research and is specifically designed to meet the needs of our younger learners. It is thoughtfully organized into themes that help lay a foundation for lifelong learning. Within each theme are developmental activities for Language, Cognitive, Social, Emotional, and Physical development.

Our Toddler Class is designed for children who will turn 2 on or before September 1st of the school year in which they wish to enroll. These classes are taught in a fun, uplifting manner where the children learn social skills and how to adapt to a school routine. The environment is loving and engaging where creativity is nurtured and encouraged.

In the Toddler Class, we teach the A-Beka Curriculum. It is a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the two-year-old. It includes introductions to colors, shapes, the alphabet, counting, and number concepts 1-10 in a colorful, engaging format. Activities are key in promoting hand-eye coordination and following directions. Age-appropriate Bible stories and songs are shared daily.

Preschool classes are offered to our students who will be 3 years old on or before September 1st of the year in which they wish to enroll.

In the Preschool class, we teach the A-Beka curriculum. It is a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the three-year-old. It includes lessons on colors, shapes, the Alphabet, counting, and number concepts 1-15. Lessons are presented in a colorful, engaging format. An introduction to Language Development will increase their awareness of God's magnificent creation. Activities and lessons promote fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and following directions. Bible, Bible songs, and scripture verses are taught daily.

In the Pre-K Class, we teach the A-Beka curriculum. It is a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the four-year-old. 

Within the curriculum, the learner will begin by learning basic vowel sounds and go on to consonants, blends, words, and simple sentences. Students will be introduced to Reading on an individual-driven basis. Language development will introduce them to other countries and cultures, animals and their habitats, senses, seasons, and many other topics. Character training is also an integral part of our growth and development. The curriculum is designed to develop writing readiness, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, and listening and thinking skills. Bible, Bible songs, and scripture verses are taught daily.

Daily Schedules and Lunch

While the schedules differ for each age group, a day in the life of an EEC student allows us all to meet together throughout the day as well as for special days.

Nursery schedule options:
  • 2-day option - Tuesday / Thursday 
  • 3-day option - Monday / Wednesday / Friday 
  • 5-day option - Monday - Friday
Toddler / Pre-School schedule options:
  • 3-day option - Monday / Wednesday / Friday 
  • 5-day option - Monday - Friday
Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) is:
  • 5-days - Monday - Friday
  • Half Day / Full Day / Stay & Play are all available 
  • Lunch times begin at 11:15 and are staggered, beginning with the youngest. Students may bring a lunch from home, or they may purchase a hot lunch through FACTS. Pizza is served every Friday.
  • Each month the hot lunch menu is shared in the FYI Newsletter and is also available under the “Info” resources.
Stay & Play

An Extended Day Program is offered for students who may need to remain at school beyond the 3:00 PM dismissal. The program is available from 3:00-6:00 P.M. Rates for these programs can be found under the Admissions > Tuition and Fees page.


Monthly Activities 
School Supply Lists
  • Updated lists are coming soon!
Social Media

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EEC Director

Tammy Shuck